Avoid Yoder YS640 Temperature Problems with These Expert Tips

Grilling out with the family is the best way to spend a summer evening. Unfortunately, if you possess a Yoder YS640 pellet smoker and it suddenly stops working, your entire day will be wrecked. Continue reading this post if you want to learn how to fix your Yoder YS640 temperature problems.

Common Yoder YS640 Temperature Problems

Yoder Ys640 Pellet Smoker has been popular with buyers for a very long time. However, the Ys640 has had reports of faults, such as temperature regulation, for quite some time.

In reality, nearly every pellet grill brand has the problem of temperature swings. There are a number of potential causes of your Yoder Ys640 grill’s struggles to keep its temperature constant.

For proper cooking, a smoker must keep a low temperature for an extended period. Starting with the most obvious, I’ll go over the several reasons why your Yoder YS640 could be overheating and how to fix it.

Low-Quality Wood Pellets

One of the most prevalent reasons for Yoder YS640 temperature issues is utilizing a wood pellet of poor quality. Since moisture may readily enter the hopper, you must have used up all the wood pellets that were in there.

When using low-quality or damp wood pellets, the auger’s pressure will shatter the pellets, making it difficult for them to catch fire and, if they do, to continue burning for long. Despite the fact that this is the griller’s biggest oversight, nobody seems to notice it.

If you use low-quality wood pellets in your Yoder pellet grill, you may need to replace the auger, induction fan, temperature sensor, and hot igniter rod.

Yoder Smoker Auger Not Working

The auger not turning may be contributing to the Yoder pellet smoker’s temperature issues. Why, therefore, won’t the auger rotate? Low-quality wooden pallets and delayed cleaning are the primary culprits. Inferior pellets tend to break up and gather in the firepot when the auger pushes them in.

If you try to burn wet pellets in the fire pot, you’ll end up with a clogged auger. Wet pellets in the firepot now block the auger and prevent it from working. The hot rod ignitor will do its hardest to start a fire, but it will be put out before it can spread.

Yoder Ys640 Fan Not Working

A lack of airflow is crucial for igniting a fire, but if the induction fan stops working, that source will be cut off. Combustion fans are designed to bring hot air to the cooking area and oxygen to the fire pot.

The fire in a Yoder smoker will go out after a while if the combustion fan isn’t working. If you haven’t been giving it the attention it needs, this is what will happen.

Damper Setting

If you own a Yoder YS640 Pellet Grill, you may regulate the heat, humidity, and smoke production within the grill by adjusting the damper. Adjust the air damper to work with your chosen cooking technique. If you don’t, even the lowest setting on your pellet grill will cause it to overheat. By adjusting the smoker’s damper, the smoker’s temperature may be precisely managed.

Dirty Temperature Sensor Or Faulty

The pellet grill’s auger mechanism can feed pellets into the firepot at the right time, thanks to a temperature sensor mounted within the cooking chamber. For two reasons, the temperature sensor always reports an inaccurate temperature.

One possible cause of a malfunctioning temperature sensor is the buildup of vapor or ash on the device. There are two situations when you should verify this. Checking the integrity of the temperature probe wire and, if necessary, cleaning the RTD probe is all that is required to ensure a properly functioning Yoder smoker.

Constantly Changing Temperature Setting

Temperature stability in the Yoder YS640 Pellet Smoker is a time-consuming process. When you light up your pellet smoker, though, the room temperature immediately rises. After some time, the temperature will begin to vary as a result of your repeated adjustments. As a result, the pellet grill might experience both low and high temperatures due to the deflector’s influence on the hot air. Your food’s flavor will be negatively impacted.

Improper Startup of Yoder YS640

In many cases, people begin smoking in a manner that differs from that recommended by the manufacturer. For the initial startup, it is crucial that you adhere to the manual’s guidelines. You need to know how long to allow the pellet grill to heat up to get the best results before you turn the heat up to the right level.

Setting the required temperature immediately, without first preheating the firepot, causes the auger to overfeed, leading to a higher temperature. Temperature variations can also be caused by not preheating the Yoder YS640 pellet smoker before placing the food inside the grill.

Fix Yoder YS640 Temperature Problems

If you’ve found yourself on this page, the temperature of your Yoder YS640 pellet smoker is likely fluctuating too much. It’s likely that you already know the answer after reading the preceding sections, but if not, keep on reading because you’ll learn about a few more important considerations.

Let’s keep going and figure out what’s causing the temperature issues with the Yoder smoker.

Use High-Quality Wood Pellets

What kind of wood pellet you use in your Yoder YS640 pellet smoker is the primary source of temperature issues. A major cause of temperature changes, as mentioned up top, is wet pellet. That’s why it’s crucial to always use premium, perfectly dry wood pellets. Find out which wood works best for brisket cooking right here.

Be certain you take the dry tablet form. When it comes to producing high-quality wood pellets, Traeger Grill & Pit Boss is a leading brand. Even if you carefully covered the hopper after your previous smoking session, any pellets left in there will acquire moisture from the air and become unusable. Wood pellets already have 5 to 8 percent moisture content. If there are pellets in the hopper, don’t use them.

How to Store Wood Pellets

To what extent does this matter? Wood pellets in a plastic bag shouldn’t be placed on a hard surface like a concrete floor. The wooden pallet will swell from the dampness and fail to do its job.

The leftover pellets should be transferred from the hopper to an airtight container for storage. Make sure the lid is completely closed to prevent air from getting into the wood pellets. When storing wood pellets, a Traeger pellet bin is the best option.

Is Unplugging Important?

It’s important to think about this minor but important detail. I was wondering whether, after using the Yoder pellet smoker, you unplugged it. If your pellet smoker is already plugged into an electrical outlet, you should unhook it for at least 30 seconds before starting it up. If you don’t, the pellet smoker might catch fire after you hit the start button, and the temperature reading on the screen could be off by several degrees.

Cleaning Yoder Pellet Smoker

Any pellet grill smoker may be kept in good working order with regular cleaning. Pellet grill issues, including temperature swings, inability to light, poor ventilation, a clogged auger, and non-functioning fans all be traced back to improper cleaning.

You need to ensure that all of these components are spotless. This might be the true source of the temperature warnings on your Yoder YS640.

Before each use, the kiln’s burning ashes must be removed for safety reasons. Except during scheduled maintenance, your Yoder YS640 pellet smoker won’t light when you click the pellet grill button before each cooking session if you use too many pellets.

The wood pellets and the heat will ultimately burn back into the hopper, and the igniter will wear out faster. To get rid of dirt and ashes, you need to use a strong vacuum.

Temperature Sensor Faulty Or Misplace

See whether your temperature probe is broken, defective, or missing. Replacing a broken or malfunctioning temperature probe is essential. You should look into getting the top-rated digital thermometer.

Make that the temperature probe is at least 6 inches away from the bottom mash of the pellet smoker or the wall. That’s OK; pick either. You must move the thermometer probe away from the Yoder ys640 thermocouple. This will result in inaccurate temperature measurements.

Check Both Fans Working

The pellet grill’s temperature swings are heavily influenced by both the induction fan and the combustion fan. If you think you hear thunder, it may just be your adoring fans. You must double-check both, but the wire connecting them is of particular importance. You should clean and test them to see if they are dirty. It has broken and must be replaced quickly.

Using Spray During Cooking

New Yoder pellet smoker owners should avoid these pitfalls to get the most out of their investment. When cooking the meat, do you and how frequently do you spray the liquid on it? After the liquid is poured into the cooking area, the temperature drops quickly due to evaporation. Once you leave the room or put the controller out of reach, the temperature will return to normal.

Using a Warped Heat Diffuser

The heat diffuser plate is being used incorrectly. It functions between 375 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit, making it usable in a wide range of kitchens. Without the heat diffuser, the food will cook more quickly and evenly on the grill grates, which is ideal for high-temperature cooking.

Wrapping the corners of the end of the hopper on the plate is more likely to occur while cooking at temperatures above 400 degrees with a heat diffuser plate, although it can happen under any circumstances. Due to the increased heat transfer across the corners, the Yoder thermocouple may not accurately reflect the true temperature within the cooking chamber if it has warped.

Using Pans or Trays

Which pan or tray do you use for cooking? Cooking using pellets that are too large for the smoker’s pan or tray reduces the smoker’s efficiency and lowers the temperature in the cooking chamber.

That’s why you need to turn up the heat on your Yoder pellet smoker. Adjusting the temperature so that the food in your pans and trays cooks at the correct level is a good idea. A high temperature is necessary for dishes that require a pan and a tray.

Is the chimney installed so that it meets the inside of the oven at a right angle? The instructions specify this as a necessary step.

Is the probe used in the pellet smoker connected to a separate port? As a result, accessing the probe port from the exterior is strictly prohibited. And if you’re using more than one temperature probe, you’ll find that they don’t all read the same.

Final Verdict

It would be great if you could comment on the exact reason why the temperature in my pellet grill keeps changing. This page is your one-stop resource if you’re experiencing issues maintaining an appropriate temperature in your Yoder pellet smoker. You need to pay close attention to the instructions. I suggest contacting Yoder’s customer support if you’re still having trouble after reading this. Check out our in-depth guide to the top pellet grills that won’t break the bank.

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