How Does A Wood Pellet Grill Work?

If you know how to operate a Memphis, you can use it to make a delicious meal. The ingredients are simple: pellets, temperature and the oven’s ability to cook food quickly.

The GrillTimer allows you to know exactly how long your food has been on the grill to adjust the heat accordingly. It’s an intelligent way to avoid overcooking!

How does a wood pellet grill work? All You Need To Know

Pellet grills work by using pellets made from wood or other fuel and burning them to generate heat and smoke to cook and flavour your food. We’ll dig into specifics about exactly how your pellet grill works. The steps are given below.  

  • Pellets feed by gravity from the hopper to the auger.
  • The auger has a spiral shape, and as pellets move down the spiral, they are fed through the small openings in the auger.
  • As the pellets fall into the burn pot, the Hot Rod begins to burn them.
  • The fan blows in the air to create flames and intensify the fire.
  • The heat and smoke rise and are deflected by the heat plate for even heat.
  • Heat and smoke are channelled upward with the drip plates to baste your food.
  • The drippings carry through the management system to the removable grease tray.

What Are Wood Pellets and How Do They Work?

Wood pellets are just wood chips that have been processed for easy use as fuel for barbeques or cooking. The raw material for wood pellet production is any number of wood types, including pine, fir, aspen, and cherry. Barbecue wood pellets are not of one kind of wood. The ‘backbone’ material for making wood pellets for grills/smokers is oak, though many other hardwood species are used to provide different flavours, including apple, cherry, hickory, etc. There are now even charcoal pellets available. Softwood pellets aren’t used in pellet grills or smokers. They’re used in pellet stoves and boilers for heating purposes. While they won’t produce the same smokey flavours as hardwood pellets, they are still used in cooking.

Are the wood pellets for heat or flavour?

The answer to your question would be both. Yes, a pellet grill uses a starter to get the fire going. It means it takes less time to get your grill fired up. However, it also helps maintain the heat.

Once that fire starts, the starter stops running, and the wood fire grows and generates heat. As the cookout moves along, the pellet grills move a lot of air to help develop clean smoke. The broil King pellet grills move a lot of air to help generate clean smoke, too.

A healthy fire has a thin blue smoke, and You can always think of the burn pot in a pellet grill like one powerful wood-burning burner instead of the multiple gas-fed burners in a gas grill.

Can you smoke and bake on it?

Memphis grills offer many cooking options for your grill, including grilling, baking, roasting, and smoking meat. You can even bake bread while you grill!

You can choose from all the different ingredients for a pizza or create your own! You can also cook your favourite Thanksgiving turkey, make a turkey pot pie, or even throw a backyard pizza party.

What temperature ranges can be achieved?

The elite model can go from 180 to a whopping 700 degrees. Sear a steak at the hottest temperatures or adjust the grill temperature to 295 degrees or below to smoke succulent ribs, briskets, and roasts.

How can I read the temperature of whatever I’m cooking?

Every Memphis pellet grill comes standard with a digital food probe that displays the internal temperature of whatever you’re cooking. That is great – you can set the internal probe to the desired food temperature, and it will change the grill’s temperature, so it’s always ready when you are.

Where can I get wood pellets?

Memphis Grills wood pellets are our factory’s first choice of pellet fuel for grilling. They’re 100% natural, healthier, and more efficient than charcoal. Available in six flavour varieties, you can feel free to mix and match to achieve your flavour preferences.

Pellet Grill vs the Gas or Charcoal Grill: The Difference

Grill performance is a common topic. All grills, regardless of how they operate, have many similarities.


If you host people at your place, you will want to spend time with them rather than stand and cook for hours. After all, isn’t that what family is for?

You can set the temperature according to the requirement and leave it be. You can spend more time with your loved ones instead of hunching over the charcoals or monitoring the flame time and again.


One crucial attribute of a pellet grill is the consistency of flavours and the ease of control.

You have to monitor and light the charcoal over and over again. However, a pellet grill will keep you at ease and give the best flavour, whether you are a beginner or an expert.


The pellet grill can handle a range of temperatures, including low and slow cooking, smoking, grilling, toasting, and even roasting. This versatility comes with the flexibility to cook anything from smoked brisket to burgers to barbeque.

Pellet grills are grills that use charcoal or wood as fuel for heat. Gas grills are a different beast altogether, as they use propane or natural gas as fuel.

Why should you choose a Pellet Grill?

Pellet grills are great at offering the convenience of having an oven-like environment. Still, if you like standing by the grill and monitoring the charcoal or being able to see the food from a distance, they may not be best suited for you. The best choices for pellet smokers include the most features, versatility, and value. You’ll also find a guide to the best pellet grills. The benefits of pellet grills vs gas and charcoal grills include greater efficiency, cleaner burning, and the ability to use various pellets. They are less expensive and easier to use, making them ideal for people on a budget. But, if you’re looking for great flavour, look no further than comfort foods. These are those dishes that will be at the forefront of our memories.


It’s high time you bid farewell to the traditional grilling methods and get yourself a pellet grill. This will make your life easier and enable you to enjoy your gatherings!

These outdoor cookers use a 100% natural hardwood pellet as their fuel source and can be plugged into any household outlet. Pellet grills are indeed an all-rounder.

You may want to try a pellet grill over charcoal. It will add a bit of smoke flavour to your food.

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