How To Install a Built-in BBQ Grill In 2022

Is it possible to install a built-in bbq grill in an outdoor kitchen? Do you enjoy the outdoors with friends and family but don’t know how to do it?

You do not have to worry.

We can complete your dream kitchen by showing you how to install a built-in BBQ grill. 

What is a built-in BBQ Grill?

A barbecue grill is an appliance that makes cooking outdoors to a whole new level. Not only do they allow you to cook outside in the open air, but they can also be used to smoke meats or create wonderful barbecued delicacies.

Why Install a Built-in BBQ Grill?

We should be clear about the built-in grill installation. The specific advantage you may need.

  • If you are interested in crafting your cooking ideas into a grilled outdoor meal, then this is a perfect addition to your backyard kitchen.
  • It is a good investment if you want to add value to your property.
  • If you want to entertain guests the best way, you are very hospitable. It’s a good idea to get people to visit.
  • Adding some space for family fun activities outside.

Things to Consider While Installing Built-In Grills

Before we talk about installing a built-in BBQ grill, Installation planning is the prior step.

  • Installation space must be clear where you want to install your grill.
  • Your intentions when you use your grill
  • How many people will your grill be able to serve?
  • Material is essential. If the material is not good, you will be disappointed with the result. 
  • There is a physical area you need for cooking.
  • The usage of a grill
  • The environment in which you want to grill.
  • The place you want to install the grill.

Brief Anatomy of a Built-in BBQ Grill

What you want to do for a grill setup is coming to a point. The following parts of a built-in BBQ grill are easy to understand.

  • Thermometer: For measuring the temperature inside your grill.
  • Grease Tray: Collects excess grease and dripping
  • The side burner is used for preparing side dishes.
  • Incinerate by-products using heat plates.
  • Burner for fire.
  • Carryover Tubes are used in fireplaces. They carry the fire from the flame.
  • Control Knobs: Adjusts gas flow.
  • Ignitor: your grill’s ignition source.
  • Cooking Grate: The burner’s workhorse.
  • Warming Rack: Keef the food warm and ready.

Installation Map of Built-in BBQ Grill

When planning to add a gas grill to your patio, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into. You might have heard of the old saying, “you get what you pay for.

You need to know the entire installation process to assist a professional contractor who will help you design your outdoor kitchen better. Let’s start with the details.

Choose A Suitable Spot

how to install a built-in bbq grill

You don’t want to ruin the new barbeque grill by accidentally damaging it with the new smoker box, so plan where you will install the box well in advance. The grill should be at least 3 feet from anything that could cause damage or injury if it catches fire.

Choose Your Desired Grill

You’ve probably already picked out your favourite grill; the market is full of special devices for your outdoor cooking needs. Pick the one you like best, then pick an excellent stand-alone stand for it, so you don’t need to worry about moving it or it getting in the way. You’ll find this easy to do.

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Know the exact Measurements you want

For better results, accurate measurements are necessary and cannot be neglected.

  • Cabinets 
  • Materials thickness
  • Fuel lines 
  • Heat Barriers

Frame out the Structure of the Grill Deck

Because of the risk of infection and contamination from bacteria and fungi, grills need to be handled and stored in a way that will protect them against these contaminants. The chemicals used in this process can help prevent contamination and make a grill more resistant to weather. Frame each part independently, then connect them. Frame each section independently, and secure them as you go.

Wire Mesh For Insulation 

At this step, a layer of insulating wire mesh will be necessary for the centre of your built-in grill to keep proper insulation in your new grill design.

Metal Frame Around Grill

We need a barrier to prevent sparks from flying and catching on the combustible material in the building. The grill should be placed safely at the back of the building. To prevent the outside surface of the heat barrier from burning, you must use it in your barbecue installation layout.

Cover the Exterior with Concrete Board

A kitchen beyond your comfort zone is the best way to enjoy an outdoor meal simultaneously. It’s important to build a robust enclosure that will protect your investment in your outdoor grill. A well-built enclosure will ensure that your grill is safe from the elements.

It depends on what kind of patio you want. You could make it from lumber, brick, or masonry and then cover it with floor tiles according to your artistic expression.

Never Forget to Keep Room For Accessories 

When designing a grill, don’t forget to take the big picture into account. You may need to make room for additional components, such as an area for a natural gas hookup and storage space for outdoor utensils.

Provide Breathable Area or Vent for Grill

Another important part of grilling is ventilating the grill well. Ventilation is a crucial step because it prevents bad things from happening during grilling.

Grill Checking

Before covering your barbecue as a permanent structure, ensure that you check your gas grill insert for safety. Then, check that all the pilot lights and burners work.

Add Steel Countertops

Now it’s time to install the stainless steel countertops. Before doing this, you’ll need to secure the grills and then counters onto them. Dry these items up by using a wire brush on them and making sure they are dry.

If you had done all of the above steps, you would have successfully installed your gas grill. It’s time to do part-time.

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