How To Clean Grill After Grease Fire In Few Steps

When it comes to grilling, safety is Number 1, and it’s the most important thing to keep in mind. There has been much advancement over the years to enhance the grilling experience, those that give you unparalleled performance, and those that keep you safe when using raw energy that comes from mixing fuel and flame.

We can easily use the phrase “the importance of proper maintenance” on our grill to make it sound like a big deal. In fact, proper maintenance on your grill goes a long way and will keep your grill working smoothly. Here’s how to prepare for an emergency.

An oil fire started in a deep fryer, and the resulting explosion created a fireball. The flames caught some nearby kitchen utensils and then spread to the entire stove. The smoke filled the room, and the smell of burning oil permeated the entire house.

With calm, swift action, and some baking soda, I was able to quench the flames and get on with my grilling; the hungry guest was none the wiser. I had a minor grease fire that turned into a full-blown fire. Here are some tips on how to clean grill after grease fire and prevent such a thing from happening to you.

Tips On How To Clean Grill After Grease Fire

how to clean grill after grease fire

The first tip to preventing grease fires is to clean the drip pan regularly to prevent grease build-up. You can do this by rinsing out the grill and using a damp rag to wipe away any remaining residue. These pans and trays are removable and should be checked weekly. If you’re a frequent user of the grill, then check twice. 

Here is the step by step guide on how to clean the grill to prevent a grease fire.

1. Assemble Your Tools

You will need a Bucket of hot water and regular dish liquid. Rags that you do not mind throwing away. Brush with stainless steel for the best result.

2. Remove Your Grill Grates, Propane Tank, Etc

Remove the grates and any other parts that are not bolted to your grill. That makes it easy for you and you can now go on with the cleaning process.

3. Scrape Out the Inside of Your Grill With Your Grill Brush

Use a spatula or spoon to scrape off as much of the grease as possible from the bottom and sides of your grill pan. Then, use a dry paper towel to rub-down the pan until you have no trace of grease left.

4. Clean the Outside

Close your lid, and use your scrubby to clean the grills under it. Clean the grates thoroughly.

5. Wash Inside of Grill

Use a lot of soapy water to clean down the inside of the grill. It will take longer to clean if you just use plain hot water.

6. Clean Your Grill Grates

Place your hot tubs directly into a tub of cool water.

The first picture was after about 15 minutes of scrubbing. After that time, I had a fresh pail of water and a fresh rag and scrubbed for about ten more minutes.

7. Re-assemble Your Grill

Put the grate back in place, as well as any other parts you may have taken off in the

Prep your Station

If your grill catches fire and you need to extinguish it quickly and effectively, baking soda is the best tool for the job.

Salt is a good way to put out a grease fire. Never use flour or water, or any of these other things, when you need to put out a grease fire. Grease fires are a very rare and unexpected occurrence. Remember that the best way to keep your grill clean is to remove the ashes regularly. Keeping your grill cleaned regularly is an important part of keeping it in top form.

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