What’s the greatest way to make sure mice don’t invade a BBQ? Avoid luring them, thereby making it seem like a good idea. Of course, you are aware of this; the question is how. We have included a natural repellent as one of three easy and cheap suggestions below on how to keep mice out of the BBQ grill.


Keep Your Grill Clean

Mice and other pests might be drawn to the smell of food. If you clean your barbecue grate, you may find that the issue disappears along with the delicious remnants of previously barbecued meals.

Grill maintenance is easier said than done. Really, no one likes cleaning the barbecue. I really want to get home, make dinner, and eat it. But now I know the best way to clean my grill. Start by preheating the grill plates to high temperatures. That way, you may sear the parts of food that would otherwise remain stuck to the grill. Then you may quickly and simply scrape them away.

When using an electric grill, it is recommended to preheat it for 15 minutes. In addition, it is best to run a wire brush down the grates afterward to loosen and remove any leftover food. It’s easier and faster to clean the grill of debris while it’s still hot. In addition, the burned remains of the meal will no longer give out an aroma that attracts rats.

Block The Entrance To Keep The Mice Out

In addition to eating, rodents also seek out a warm, dry spot to set up a home. In such a case, how can you prevent mice from setting up housekeeping in your barbecue? Make it tough to crawl in.

Cover for BBQ Grill that Prevents Mice from Entering

We recommend beginning with an elasticized bottom grill cover that fits snugly around the bottom of your grill. In certain cases, this may be enough of a deterrent to prevent rodents from getting inside your grill, even if it is not a rodent-resistant cover.

If your built-in grill is enclosed, you can keep vermin out of the gas grill by closing up any potential entry points. According to Environmental Pest Control, steel wool should be used to plug any openings that mice may use to enter a building. However, they stress that steel wool, which is extremely combustible, must be removed before the grill can be used again.

Others prefer to use copper mesh, which is not combustible (copper wires woven together into a screen). It won’t rust, and you can cut it with scissors.

Since mice and rats can’t gnaw through “mice mesh,” it’s an effective, long-term measure.

You may buy 100-foot rolls that size approximately 5″ inches wide. This means it has a wide range of potential applications outside the grill, including sealing off larger holes and gaps.

Keep Mice Away from the Grill with Natural Repellent

If your BBQ grill is freestanding and has too many holes to seal, a repellant may be your best bet. The mice-repelling smell pouches made by Stay Away are 100% natural. The non-toxic, mess-free chemicals effectively deter rats from confined areas.

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