The weekend backyard barbecue is a time-honored custom shared by people all over the globe. Sauce splash, burger grease, grime, and dust from being left outside can make it difficult to keep the barbecue and BBQ grill cover clean. When you follow these easy instructions, your BBQ cover will continue to serve you well for years to come, keeping your grill safe from the elements.

Let’s dive deep into how to clean a grill cover.

Gather Supplies

You should begin by assembling the necessary materials. A pail of water, gentle dish soap, sponge or soft bristle brush, yard hose, and fresh towels should do the trick.

Remove the Cover

Light spot cleaning of the cover could be done with the cover remaining on the grill if it wasn’t too dirty to begin with. The cover should be removed for thorough cleaning if it has heavy soiling or grease stains. Cover the grill by lifting it by the handles at the top and shaking it to remove dust and dirt.

Hose Off the Cover

Then, spread the cover out flat, and use the garden hose to rinse it clean. When you’re done, turn the book over and do the same thing on the back.

Scrub the Cover with Soapy Water

Add some dish soap to the water in the bucket. You don’t have to be precise with the proportions; just use enough soap to create substantial lather. Sponge or soft bristle brush in hand and begin washing the cover with soapy water. Let the soap lie on the cover for a few minutes to release any stubborn stains or mildew.

After washing the first side of the cover, rinse the soap off with the garden hose and turn the cover over to clean the second side.

Clean the Inside of the Cover

Grease from your grill may occasionally adhere to the inside of the lid. If that’s the case, you may scrub the inside of the cover with soapy water by turning it inside out. Clean it with a hose and do it again if necessary.

Dry the Cover

One can dry a small cover by draping it over a fence or by hanging it up. Larger grill covers for a cart or island should be air-dried on clean towels in the sun. After 30-60 minutes, flip the cover over to let the other side dry.

Grill cleaning is a good activity while your cover is drying. If you clean the outside of your grill of grease, the interior of your cover will stay clean. Read our guide on how to maintain your grill properly. The Golden Kit BBQ set has everything you need to keep your barbecue; therefore, we suggest utilizing it.

Re-Cover Your Grill

Cover your grill again once you’ve ensured that both the interior and exterior are dry.

Other Tips

  • Neither the washer nor the dryer should ever touch your cover.
  • Make sure to wipe out your grill before storing it away.
  • Don’t replace the cover until you’ve made sure the grill is totally dry.

Following these easy instructions, you’ll soon have a fresh cover.

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