Can A Blackstone Griddle Be Used Indoors?

Blackstone griddles are outdoor cooking machines that are known for their great features and durable construction. But can they be used indoors? In this blog post, we’ll look at the pros and cons of using a Blackstone griddle indoors and give tips on how to make it work if you decide to go that route.

Before jumping into its indoor use, let’s first discuss what a griddle is.

What is a Griddle?

A griddle is a cookware that can be used for various purposes. It is a flat surface made of metal, glass, or stone that is heated and used for cooking food. Griddles come in various sizes and shapes and can be placed on top of a stove, oven, or standalone appliances. Some griddles have multiple heating elements to cook multiple food items at once.

Griddles can be used to cook various food items such as pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, hamburgers, sandwiches, quesadillas, grilled cheese, and more. They are also commonly used in commercial kitchens for mass food production. Griddles typically have a smooth surface, but some have ridges or raised lines that help to create grill marks on food.

Can A Blackstone Griddle Be Used Indoors?

Outdoor cooking is a breeze with the Blackstone Griddle. The grill is long-lasting, simple to clean, and suitable for grilling a wide variety of foods. But how about using it in the kitchen? Is there any way that could work?

The good news is that a Blackstone Griddle can be used indoors, albeit with caution.

Before you do anything else, check the griddle’s ventilation. The griddle could release toxic gases if it doesn’t have enough room for air to circulate around it. Second, if you’re using the griddle indoors, you’ll want to make sure all the windows and doors are open to let the smoke out. Lastly, a backup battery for your smoke detector is essential in case it goes off due to the griddle.

In light of these considerations, using a Blackstone Griddle inside the house is not only feasible but encouraged. Taking the proper safety measures will allow you to bring your favorite barbecued meals inside.

Safety precautions Before Using Blackstone Griddle Indoors

While the Blackstone Griddle is designed for outdoor cooking, there are times when weather or other circumstances may make it necessary to cook indoors. In these cases, it is important to take some safety precautions to minimize the risk of fire or other damage.

First, always use the griddle on a level surface. If cooking on a stovetop, be sure to place a heat-resistant mat underneath the griddle to protect your countertop. Second, never leave the griddle unattended while it is turned on. If you want to step away from the stove, turn off the griddle and wait for it to cool before returning.

Finally, clean the griddle after each use to remove any grease or food residue that could catch fire.

Potential Drawbacks of Using Blackstone Griddle Indoors

While the Blackstone Griddle is a popular choice for outdoor cooking, there are potential drawbacks to using it indoors. One of the main concerns is the amount of smoke and fumes that can be produced when cooking with the griddle. If not properly ventilated, these fumes can build up and cause an unpleasant odor in the kitchen.

In addition, the griddle produces a significant amount of heat, which can make it uncomfortable to use in smaller indoor spaces. Another potential issue is that the griddle can be difficult to clean, especially if not properly seasoned. If not cleaned properly, the griddle can become sticky and hard to clean, making it more likely to harbor bacteria. For these simple reasons, it is vital to consider the potential drawbacks of using a Blackstone Griddle indoors before making a purchase.


Yes, a Blackstone griddle can be used indoors. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and care to ensure your griddle lasts long. A Blackstone griddle is a great investment for anyone who loves cooking outdoors. The ability to use it indoors or out makes it versatile and convenient. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper cleaning and care, and your griddle will last for years

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