Best Electric Smoker Under 300 – A Complete Guide For 2024

So, you’re on the hunt for an electric smoker for less than $300, right? There are always more low-cost, high-quality choices for smokers to choose from now that the culture of grills is expanding.

However, because separating the useful from the irrelevant might take some time, we’ve already done that for you. We dug deep to find the best electric smoker under 300. This list of the best smokes was compiled based on our knowledge, the product’s technical specifications, and feedback from actual users. In this case, you can pick from some excellent options. Okay, so let’s begin.

Top 5 Best Electric Smoker Under 300

Here are our top picks.

1.MasterBuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt Best electric smoker under 300

The Masterbuilt 30-Inch Digital Electric Smoker may be used with equal success by amateurs and veterans alike. The results will rival those you’d see in a contest, and you won’t even need charcoal or gas to get them. This digital smoker can do the job after plugging it in and adjusting a few settings. Thanks to the innovative side wood chip loader, you may experiment with different flavors without having to open the smoker door. Smoking up to 6 birds, 2 turkeys, 4 racks of ribs, or 4 pork butts is no problem at all on the smoker’s four chrome-coated racks. Learn all you need to know about smoking with Masterbuilt. Turn on/off the power, and set the cooking temperature and timers.

Features & Spec

  • The capacity of 2 Turkeys, 4 Pork Butts, 4 Racks of Ribs, 6 Chickens
  • Thermostat control
  • Even heating
  • Patented side wood chip loading system
  • Equipped with a slow smoker kit
  • Equipped with smoker leg kit
  • Comes with food gloves
  • Comes with a vegetable and fish mat
  • Net Weight: 49.5 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 19.88 x 20.47 x 33.26 inches
  • Power source: Electric
  • Material: Stainless steel

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2. Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker

char-broil's best electric smoker under 300

The Char-Broil 17202004 Digital Electric Smoker, Deluxe, is a high-quality electric smoker that allows you to easily smoke your favorite meats and fish. It features a large 725 square-inch cooking space spread across four chrome-plated cooking grates, providing ample room for even large cuts of meat. The smoker is controlled by a digital control panel, which allows you to precisely set the temperature and time. The built-in meat probe thermometer ensures that your food is cooked to perfection every time. The double-wall construction and insulation help maintain the smoker’s temperature and smoke, while the side air damper allows you to control the smoke level. The included porcelain-coated water pan and wood chip tray add to the smoker’s efficiency and ease of use.

Features & Spec

  • Large 725 square inch cooking space
  • Digital control panel for precise temperature and time control
  • Built-in meat probe thermometer
  • Double-wall construction and insulation for temperature control
  • Porcelain-coated water pan and wood chip tray
  • Four chrome-plated cooking grates
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 18.1 x 32.5 inches
  • Cooking Surface Area: 725 square inches
  • Weight: 50.2 pounds
  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Ignition Type: Digital

3. Masterbuilt MB20070421 Digital Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt Best Digital Electric Smoker Under $300

Easily smoke your favorite meats and seafood with the Masterbuilt MB20070421 30-inch Digital Electric Smoker. Having a total cooking area of 711 square inches across four chrome-coated smoking racks, it can easily accommodate even the largest of meats. A computerized interface enables precise regulation of the smoker’s temperature and cooking time. Your meat will always be cooked to perfection thanks to the built-in meat probe thermometer. If you’re just starting out or are a seasoned smoker, the Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker is the way to go. This digital smoker can do the job after plugging it in and adjusting a few settings. Thanks to the innovative side wood chip loader, you can play around with different flavors without even opening the smoker door.

Features & Spec

  • Cooking area of 711 sq. In.
  • Four chrome-coated smoking racks
  • Thermostat-temperature control
  • The power source type is Corded Electric
  • Suitable for even cold weather
  • Model: 30-inch Digital
  • Net Weight: 50.3 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 22.8 x 23.6 x 42 inches
  • Finishing: Painted
  • Power source: Electric
  • Material: Stainless Steel

4. Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker

Best Char-Broil Analog Electric smoker Under $300

The Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker simplifies smoking for beginners and those seeking a more traditional smoking experience. Maintaining a consistent smoking temperature while infusing smoke flavor is easy with the shielded cooking chamber and huge capacity wood chip box. Meat is kept from drying out thanks to a built-in water pan, and the result is deliciously juicy meals every time. This smoker has the flexibility to prepare for a small family or a large party thanks to its three chrome-plated grilling grates. The Analog Electric Smoker has all of these capabilities and more, plus it’s manufactured with durable, high-quality materials to endure for years. 

Features & Spec

  • Cooking area of 544 square inches
  • Double-wall insulated construction
  • Latching base
  • Dual latches to keep door sealed shut
  • Door-mounted temperature gauge
  • Net Weight: 49.5 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 15 x 20.7 x 33.5 inches
  • Fuel source: Electric
  • Material: Stainless steel

5. Pit Boss Grills 2.2 Analog Smoker

Pit-Boss's best electric smoker under 300

The Pit Boss Grills 77220 2.2 Analog Smoker is a durable and versatile smoking option for backyard cooks. This smoker features a 593 sq. inches capacity, allowing for ample space to smoke meats, fish, poultry, and more. With analog temperature control, it’s easy to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the smoking process, and the built-in thermometer allows you to monitor the temperature inside the smoker. The porcelain-coated steel wood chip tray and water pan make for easy cleanup, and the four chrome-plated cooking grates provide plenty of space to smoke multiple items at once. The door-mounted temperature gauge and solid steel construction make this smoker a durable and long-lasting option for any backyard chef.

Features & Spec

  • of cooking area
  • Integrated analog controls
  • External access to Pan wood
  • Full Smoker Control
  • Convenient side-loading wood chips
  • Net Weight: 58 lbs
  • Dimensions: 54.6 x 58.4 x 104.1 cm
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Material: Stainless steel

Complete Buying Guide On Best Electric Smoker Under 300

Once you’ve made the decision to purchase an electric smoker, it’s not too difficult to narrow down your options to one that fits your requirements. Most are standard electric burners housed in metal cabinets. Although there isn’t a great deal of variety in brands and styles, there are still certain things to keep in mind when making a purchase.

Dimensions and Capacity

The size of your smoker is one of the most crucial factors to think about. Or, more precisely, how much food you want it to contain. Are entire turkeys or pork shoulders on the menu? Also, are you seeking something to utilize with smaller products, like fish fillets?

You should think about the smoker box’s included shelves in addition to the box’s interior dimensions. To what extent are they modular, and how many distinct configurations are possible?

Smoker functionality should be unaffected by the number of shelves installed. Therefore, you may use a single shelf while smoking large products and many shelves when smoking shorter or smaller ones. The shelving units’ design is also important. Thinly spaced grids on a shelf are ideal for smoking delicate foods like flaky fish. Normal wire racks only open in one direction, which might result in dropped items.


Some models use thermostats that automatically turn the electric element on and off to keep the cooking area at a constant temperature. This is the pinnacle of “set it and forget it” cookery. Would you pay for it if you had to?

Whether or if you want to pay close attention to the smoking process as a cook determines the answer. Thermostats can be digital or analog. Even while both digital and analog instruments can be precise, the latter often require periodic calibration.

Warranty and Brand Reputation

Pay close attention to the company’s history and how they’re regarded by previous customers. Smokers often have a one-year warranty. There is a correlation between the number of years covered by the extended warranty and the durability of the product. You may get a sense of how simple it is to get new components by browsing the spare parts listed on their website.

Feature To Consider While Choosing An Electric Smoker?

There are a few things to think about when purchasing a smoker for outdoor cooking, but a starting budget of $300 should be plenty.

To help you choose the best electric smoker under 300, here are some key features and specs to look for:

1. Analog or Digital? 

Given the wide variety of smokers available on the market today, it might be difficult to narrow down your options and settle on the ideal one. Selecting a smoker that works well with your tastes and routines is highly suggested.

For example, the digital smoker is the perfect option if portability is your top priority. On the other hand, the analog version is ideal if you’re the nomadic sort that enjoys producing the smokiest taste in their meat meals while on the go.

Those who are just getting started in the art of smoking meats typically opt for a digital or analog smoker. Compared to the time-consuming process of learning how to make a fire from scratch every time you want to light up a smoker, this method is considered a convenient shortcut. To smoke some tasty meat using a digital smoker, you just only turn on a switch. One alternative for a quick and easy way to smoke meat is using a push-button electric smoker.

2. Performance

Aside from convenience, performance must be your main concern if you currently consider yourself a grill expert or BBQ hero. Select an electric smoker with an easy-to-read digital display, a generous wood chip storage area, and a built-in regulator allowing you to monitor the unit’s real temperature range.

Both amateurs and pros may benefit from investing in an electric smoker to up their BBQ game, but it’s crucial to find one that excels in the areas that matter most to you.

3. Temperature control system

To adjust the heat output of the heating element, most electric smokers use a simple rheostat located on the power cable. Combined with the cabinet’s temperature gauge, this should provide you with a simple and reliable method of regulating the temperature inside.

Due to the continual heat maintenance provided by the electric element, there are very few potential sources of failure. However, some patience is required to use this approach. You’ll get to know what dial turns out what temperature with some time and experimentation. You are only allowed to use the terms “high” and “low” to describe the levels of the units.

4. Portability

Assess the unit’s mobility in light of the fact that smokers are often used on weekends or when there is time to sit back and relax. Some designs are cumbersome to move because of their size and weight. Most people make a permanent place for themselves, so they don’t have to keep relocating them.

As an alternative, we suggest taking the easy route and going with a lightweight and sturdy model. This makes it convenient to set up a permanent spot in your backyard or move it about the home as needed.

We also believe that a smoker that weighs 50 pounds or less is great for conveniently transporting any place, such as when you want to take it with you when you move.

5. Additional Features                      

You may be interested in the supplementary options available on some models. Some have useful extras, such as lighting for nighttime cooking or integrated timers. These features may help you decide between different smokers, but keep in mind that you can add them to any smoker cabinet for a small investment.

Some have doors that have built-in viewing windows, which are both stylish and useful for keeping an eye on your wood chip pan. However, the quality, fit-and-finish, and insulation should be prioritized above the little details.

Electric Smoker Advantages                     

One of the many ways in which modern electric smokers benefit gourmet food enthusiasts is by allowing them to smoke larger quantities of food in less time. These smokers not only make smoking food more enjoyable, but they also produce the best results. Here are the factors that make electric food smokers excellent.

1. Cost Effective

Envision ordering smoked steaks at a fancy eatery or having a pitmaster prepare them for you at a backyard barbecue. Now double that with the number of times you wish to consume the searing smoked, grilled food for the entirety of your life. The price of the gourmet cuisine you adore may indeed be that high. On the other hand, if you invest in an electric food smoker, you can make the same barbequed food at home for much less money. True foodies know that purchasing a high-quality electric smoker is an investment that will last a lifetime.

2. Excellent Temperature Control

Efficient food smokers come with automated settings for heat or temperature. This guarantees that the meat is cooked at continuously low temperatures throughout, as pitmasters do. No trouble checking the heat constantly or stabbing the steak repeatedly to verify the doneness.

3. Pre-set Timer

Time in a contemporary electric smoker may be set manually or programmed automatically, depending on the recipe. Until the desired degree of doneness is reached, the food smoker will continue cooking for the amount of time specified.

4. No Babysitting is Needed

The smoke that is created from wood could offer the most scrumptious steak but leaves behind piles of ashes to be cleaned. Moreover, the burnout wood needs to be replenished periodically to keep the food from smelling. Today’s electric smokers can stay for hours with minimal human intervention because of their autonomous feeding systems.

5. No Smoke or Clean Smoke

Advanced smokers work with wood chips or compacted sawdust chips that provide pure smoke. Case in point: Bradley Bisquettes. When used with Bradley Smoker, these Bisquettes burn for a specific duration providing clean flavored smoke to lend a fantastic smokey taste to the dish. Modern smokers are particularly built to let just smoke enter the cooking chamber and not burn out ashes.

6. Various Heat Elements

Smokers have come a long way since the invention of the charcoal grill. Because of this, it can be transformed into a hot smoker, cold smoker, dehydrator, and even an oven. An electric smoker is an ideal appliance for the home chef who wants to smoke their cuisine in the comfort of their own kitchen.

7. Easy To Use

To use an electric smoker, you need no special training or expertise. With experience, even a novice smoker can produce steaks with a flavorful, smoky finish.

8. Incredible Safety Features

These days, manufacturers make electric smokers with the user’s safety in mind. Mishaps happen, and with the high temperatures that smokers may generate, it’s crucial to emphasize safety. Most electric smokers incorporate magnetic doors and an insulated body to protect the user and speed up the smoking process.

9. Easy Maintenance

Electric smokers include retractable racks and separate burners for smoke and the oven to make cleaning a snap. Moreover, Bradley Bisquettes may be useful in this context. These woodchips do not burn down to ashes, so you won’t have to clean up any smoke or ash residue after your barbecue.

10. Environmental Friendly

Electric-powered smokers are energy efficient and are intended to cook with minimum smoke thanks to the sealed chamber. This is wonderful for the atmosphere we breathe in without sacrificing the rich, smokey flavor.

FINAL VERDICT                      

Choosing your next set of smokes might feel like an uphill battle if you’re on a tight budget. Choose wisely according to your needs and tastes so that you don’t waste money on extras that you won’t use.

Our research revealed that the Masterbuilt 20070910 is the finest smoker on this list for around $300. For the money, it has the most desirable mix of features. There is plenty of room to maneuver, the heat can be adjusted with relative ease, and the unit is built to last. One has the flexibility to cook nearly any sort of meat with this machine and for as long as you wish, owing to its electric-driven system. A significant consumer base has tried and tested the product, and the reviews suggest it has met their expectations.

The Cuisinart COS-118 Vertical was our choice as runner-up for the best electric smoker under 300. It offers a huge cooking area, is easy to operate, is packed with plenty of essential functions, and arrives at a very inexpensive price for everybody.


Should I buy an analog or digital electric smoker?

It depends on your needs and tastes. The designs of analog electric smokers are often simpler and more cost-effective. The temperature is managed using a thermostat, which occasionally has less accuracy than digital controls. On the other hand, digital electric smokers frequently offer more sophisticated capabilities and frequently enable more exact temperature control. Additionally, they frequently offer more cooking options, including the capacity to smoke, roast, and bake. The decision between analog and digital electric smokes will ultimately come down to your personal demands, tastes, and budget.

What is the most reliable electric smoker?

Nowadays, countless electric smokers are out there in the market, manufactured by different brands. However, according to our research, MasterBuilt MB20071117 is the most reliable and efficient electric smoker.

What is the best electric smoker for a beginner?

The Royal Gourmet SE2801 smoker has a total of 457.86 square inches of smoking area spread between three chrome-coated racks that are immune to rust and corrosion. The temperature ranges from 100 to 400 degrees, giving you the freedom to cook leisurely or quickly roast as the situation calls for. Therefore, we think it is best suited for beginners. If you are a beginner to grilling so we have a complete guide on the best grills for a beginner.

What is the best electric smoker under 400?

Because of its compact size, simple assembly, and excellent performance in our tests, the Masterbuilt 20070910  earns our highest recommendation. Our electric smoker reviewer recommended the Masterbuilt 20070910 for its ease of use.

What is the best smoker for the money?

A smoker that can adjust the heat with the flick of a switch, such as Dyna-Glo DGU505BAE-D, is the best smoker for the money. Plug either one in, push a single button, and your meal will be smoked in no time. It is not only cost-effective but offers an amazing experience.
If you are good with budget

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