How To Reset Traeger Grill – Common Traeger Wifi Problems & Solutions

No one wants to spend the entire day in front of a grill while hosting a barbecue. You can put that fear to rest once and for all with Traeger’s range of intelligent barbecues. Grills manufactured by Traeger have been widely acknowledged as among the best for many years. However, a few customers have mentioned having trouble using Traeger grills’ wifi. Here we find the solution for it.

How To Reset Traeger Grill?

Traeger WiFire problems may be reset in a few different ways. The first step is to turn off the Traeger and give it some time to restart. If this doesn’t work and the Traeger still won’t connect, try restarting your mobile device. If that isn’t the case, you may always remove the application and reinstall it.

The Traeger may be reset by following the instructions below.

Select WIFI DATA from the Menu

Select “Wifi Data” from the Menu, and then keep your finger on IGNITE for a full 15 seconds. This will remove any existing wifi pairing information and reset your grill’s wifi settings to factory defaults. The Traeger website has pairing tips if you need help connecting your barbecue to wifi.

How to Pair a Grill?

To reconnect to your grill’s wifi or set it up for the first time, please check the procedures outlined in Troubleshooting.

Here’s more information about the issue of “Can’t Get My Traeger to Connect to wifi/WiFIRE”:

How To Factory Reset Your Traeger?

The Traeger Grill, like any other device, has a “Factory Reset” option that returns the grill to its original settings. To access Factory Reset, head to Settings and scroll to the very bottom.

  1. Click “About Grill”
  2. Hold the “Ignite Button”
  3. The Traeger logo should display momentarily
  4. Click on the reset option, and you have reset your Traeger to factory reset.

Common Traeger wifi Problems and Solutions

Using the new Traeger wifi Connection, you can check on and adjust your barbecue from afar. Both Apple and Google mobile operating systems may download the Traeger app.

There are a variety of potential problems with the Traeger wifi Connected Grill. Slow connections, inability to link to the grill, and error warnings all fall into this category.

The Wifi Connection Is Slow

Distance between the router and the connected device is a common cause of this issue. If that’s the case, consider repositioning the router or one of the affected devices so that it’s closer to the network hub.

The Wifi Connection Is Intermittent

Verify that your devices are connected directly to the router and not through a wireless extension cable or any other sort of extension cord if you’re having one of these Traeger wifi problems.

It’s not uncommon for other devices to “piggyback” on a wifi grill’s signal because so many people are utilizing it for cooking. For this reason, you may experience connection drops and slowdowns. To avoid this, you should either stay in close proximity to your wifi router or invest in a booster to increase your signal strength.

Traeger Wifire Error Message

However, there are certain frequent issues that grill app users seem to run through. Many issues fall within this category, some of which are:

  • The grill app doesn’t work
  • Problematic app not appearing in device selection
  • The app can’t establish a wifi connection.
  • This app does not enable you to control the grill’s on/off status.
  • Grill Isolated from the Internet
  • Grill Was unable to Locate the Network
  • The Internet Connection Failed on the Grill

Refer to Traeger’s TROUBLESHOOTING STEPS if you’re having these issues.

How To Reset Traeger Grill?


Can You Use Traeger Grill With 5ghz Wifi?

Like most other smart home gadgets, this Traeger wifi grill can only communicate in the 2.4GHz frequency range. This is because, compared to the speedier 5GHz frequency, the 2.4GHz band maintains a more stable connection across longer distances. The grill’s wifi feature is limited to networks operating at 2.4GHz and cannot access 5GHz networks.

Which Traeger Grills Support Wireless Internet?

Both the Pro 575 and the Pro 780 have the same fantastic capabilities, plus some more perks. Both have wifi built in, so you may use them from afar – See this link for a detailed explanation of this topic. When it comes to Traeger grills, which ones support wifi? /WiFIRE

How Do I Update My Traeger Firmware?

Verify that the firmware version installed on your Trager grill is up to date. Explore your controller’s Menu, and then choose About Grill to view the firmware version presently installed on your grill.

  • Verify Your Device’s Current Firmware
  • Replace Your Software Immediately

How Long Does It Take To Update The Wifi On The Traeger?

It may take up to 24 hours for the new settings to take effect.

What Causes My Traeger Grill To Read “Offline”?

The grill appears offline in the app even if it is linked to the right wifi on the controller. If the grill is using a different wifi network, disconnect it and try again.

Would The Traeger Grill Accept Two Phone Connections?

A single grill may be managed and controlled from any number of devices, provided each has the Traeger App loaded. However, they must have the same account credentials. Even though only one device at a time may control the grill, two phones can be connected to the Trager grill using the same account.

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