How To Clean Roller Grill?

A hot dog grill is a great tool to have when you want to make snacks for your friends or family. It can be used to cook hot dogs and other snacks like bacon or sausages. However, if you don’t clean the roller grill properly after each use, it will start smelling bad and even cause health problems! So here are some steps on how to clean roller grill in a quick time.

Tips on how to clean a Roller Grill

First, turn off the power to the grill by unplugging it. Then, remove all of the items inside the grill and wipe them down with a cloth. Next, fill up a spray bottle with vinegar and water. Spray the solution onto any dirty or greasy grill parts, then wipe them down with a sponge or cloth towel (you can also use a microfiber cloth

To ensure your safety, never wash any part of a hot dog maker with water or place it in water to clean. When you’re done using your machine for its intended purpose, turn it off and unplug it immediately so that no one accidentally uses it again before you have time to clean it out properly.

Let The Grill Cool Down

As soon as you’ve finished cooking, let your grill cool down before you begin cleaning. This will keep things from getting too hot and prevent burns during cleanup. You can also give yourself time to gather all the necessary tools and ingredients for cleaning.

For example: If your grill is gas-powered, turn off the burner when it reaches 250°F or so—the temperature at which food will be cooked just right (and not burnt). Once the coals have cooled enough that they’re no longer glowing orange or red, you should feel safe enough to start cleaning them out with a metal brush.

Remove The Plates From The Grill

To remove the plates, flip the grill over and find the bolts that hold them in place. Remove these and lift off the top plate to expose its underside. Now you can wash it with a sponge or cloth, but we recommend using something more abrasive such as a metal brush, to really get into all those nooks and crannies. Once you’ve done this, wash both covers in warm soapy water before putting them back on your grill!

Wipe Down The Interior Of The Roller Grill With A Wet Rag

To keep your grill clean, you can use a wet rag to wipe down the inside of your roller grill. You should not use dry rags or paper towels as they can scratch and damage the surface of your rollers. For best results, we recommend using water or warm soapy water on a sponge because this will help remove any grease that may have accumulated on your rollers over time.

Take Out The Grease Tray And Empty It Out In A Trash Bin

You should then take out the grease tray and empty it in a trash bin. Make sure you clean the grease tray with soap and water before putting it back in, as this will avoid an unpleasant smell from building up in your kitchen! Make sure you empty the grease tray into a trash bin before putting it back in, as this will avoid an unpleasant smell from building up in your kitchen!

Clean Your Plates With Water And Liquid Soap

Use a rag or sponge to clean the plates. When cleaning, be careful not to use too much pressure on the plates, as this can cause damage to them. The best way is to wipe them off gently with a damp cloth dipped in mild dish soap, then dry it completely before putting it back on the grill.

Re-Attach The Drip Tray

Re-attach the drip tray cover, which should be in one piece with a handle and hinge pin attached at each end. Slide the drip tray cover into place on top of everything else on your roller grill and secure using two screws from underneath if necessary (see image at right).

Plug Back Your Machine And Turn It On Again!

Now turn the machine on again and check that it is working properly. If not, unplug the machine and make sure that all connections are secure. Then plug your machine back in and turn your machine on again. Clean your plates one more time to ensure that they are completely clean and free of grease. Make sure always to clean your hot dog grill after each use!

When cleaning a roller grill, there are some best practices to follow to ensure that the job is done properly. Here are some tips on how to clean a roller grill:

  • First and foremost, make sure that the grill is turned off and cooled down before beginning the cleaning process.
  • Next, remove all of the food and debris from the grill surface. This can be done by using a spatula or other similar tool.
  • Once the grill is free of food, it is time to start cleaning it. Begin by wiping down the surface with a damp cloth.
  • For tougher stains, you may need to use a grill brush or scrubber. Be sure to scrub in the direction of the grain to avoid damaging the surface.
  • Rinse the surface with clean water to remove all traces of soap or cleaner.
  • Finally, dry the surface with a clean towel or cloth before using it again.

By following these simple tips, you can keep your roller grill clean and in good condition for years to come.


After each use, cleaning your hot dog grill is a good idea. Ensure you remove any excess food before cleaning as you don’t want leftover crumbs or bits of food stuck in the grill. Also, make sure to wipe down the surfaces and wash out any removable parts with soap and water. This will help keep your hot dog grill running smoothly for years to come!

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