The Best Smoker Grill Combo in 2024

Well, there is the best smoker grill combo designed, crafted, and pushed into the market to make the lives super-convenient.

As you already know NOT everyone is fond of going for the grill all the time and some just tend to like smoked meat filled with sausages for the different tastes to enjoy at the party.

While there are specific options, we can tweak to bring the independent grill and smoker but why do the heck of it when there are combined solutions – the smoker grill combo to enjoy the tasty foods readying up in one go, and that too from the single unit with the combined functionality.

It is indeed not a wise move to purchase the separate grills and smokers that would be increasing the budget as well as compare to the combined smoker and grill at the moment.

Then, do not worry at all as we are just about to bring you the ONLY 10 best smoker grill combo to get the required cooking stuff grilled and smoked.

Our extensive hunt, which includes only the high-end smoker grill combo after sniffing through the online marketplace proven to present you with only the best available in the market.

So, stay tuned with us! 🙂

The Top 10 Best Smoker Grill Combo

1. Traeger Grills TFB38TOD

There are enough reasons to dislike using the gas and charcoal for grilling and smoking the food for you when you can get more of the new and tasteful taste using the wood. And of course, that is the prime time to start using wood other than old and traditional fueling sources.

Compact but loaded with all the features that indeed a full-blown grill smoker combo should have. And the excellent cooking capacity of such a size to up to 380 square inches brings you the ability to serve a medium pool of people at a time.

Combined with the colours black and orange, this versatile unit goes for fast and hot with low and slow cooking phases to target what you want to prepare; either it is to grill or smoke the stuff to match with the juicy perfection.

Owning the digital pro controller for best controlling the temperature to keep at the precise level to ensure it is not over then set temperature level minimizing the chance of overburnt.

And the whole frame construction ensures it comes with a powder-coated finish and sturdy steel with having porcelain-coated grilling grates and all-terrain wheels to allow the movability and the added durability to deal with the excessive heat without any issue.

  • Compact smoker grill combo
  • Digital Pro controller for setting in the temperature
  • Exceptionally heavier in weight

2. Char-Griller E16620- Best kamado grill smoker combo

Looking for the ultra-precision and high-grade smoker grill combo, this Char-Griller E16620 Akorn Kamado would never disappoint you right from the design to the performance it would yield.

The bigger and better primary cooking area touches the remarkable space of up to 314 square inches and is backed by the warming rack that comes with more space of 133 square inches totalling the overall space of 447 square inches that looks to be more than sufficient for this sized and designed smoker grill combo.

Insulated with triple walls for the best retaining the heat with the adjustable damper on the top takes out all the excessive heat and smoke for the better control and steel-made construction adds to the constant factor to go for years without degrading into the performance.

As for the sturdy design used to construct this Char-Griller E16620 Akorn Kamado, it can hit as much as 200 to 700 Fahrenheit; still, the unit would not die down and refuse to take on to cook things up for you even at such high temperatures.

Placed another damper on the bottom joint with the ash pan for controlling the airflow and to dump the ash with checking on the cleanliness for the enhanced cooking experience.

Whereas, the folding side shelves on both sides are made with all wood along with the utensil hooks make life super convenient as you do not need to grab things by rushing to the kitchen or telling someone to find what you need.

Dual locking wheels sizing to up to 8 inches with the locking caster placed on the rear stop the unit from moving whether placed on the paved or grassy surface, and it would not run for an inch.

  • Graphite-made construction
  • Super portable
  • Total cooking space of 447 square inches
  • Grates may break over the time

3. Camp Chef PG24MZG -Best gas grill smoker

What is your plan for this weekend? The good group of folks coming to your place? And, are you ready to serve?

Maybe you are, but so is your grill? What about the smoker then?

Okay! There is a possibility you do not have the smoker on your end and only is dependent on the small-sized grill that cannot manage the pool of up to 10 folks to feed in one go.

Do not worry at all, buddy! We got not just one, but the combo of smoker and grill jointed in one place to assist the way it can.

This Camp Chef PG24MZG is loaded with spacious cooking space of more than 811 square inches ready to toggle between grilling, smoking, roasting, and braising your favourite meat laminated with the spicy and juicy ingredients to deliver the results as tasty you would not have tasted before in your entire life.

All controlled digitally, the digital controller is added with two stainless steel temperature probes to control everything right from your fingertips, and you are certainly known what is happening with the temperature.

Load the wood pellet to fuel up and control the feeding of pellets through an automatic auger sliding right into the grill for the maximum managing the heat and producing the optimal smoke while you got nothing to do. Just sit and watch just like babysitting, and that is it! 🙂

Placed the shelves on the front and the side to prep things out and keep all the sausages and other essentials in your good reach.

Add pellets and stuff the meaty good into the chamber by sliding the cover to close and just watch as that is the time everything would be smoothly done automatically without you needing to take a sneak often peek.

Adjust placing this Camp Chef PG24MZG anywhere in the backyard you want using the hard and large wheels transforms the unit for added portability.

  • Wood-pellet operated
  • Easy to dump the ash
  • Digital control
  • Good to grill and smoke ribs, chickens, brisket, and more
  • A little overpriced

4. Royal Gourmet CC1830F

Use the way you want, and that is what we can undoubtedly claim for Royal Gourmet CC1830F for being enough of the affordable smoker grill combo as well as generating the same level of results as any other high-profile smoker grill combo.

Super easy to put together, it takes up to total cooking space of over 800 square inches dedicated up to 438 square inches for the main chamber. In comparison, raming rack brings up 179 square inches and a grilling area with 183 square inches sitting with porcelain-steel cooking grates for a non-sticky experience.

The damper on the top and the heavy-duty steel-made lid retains the heat and the smoke for the slow smoking of the meat while the side grill takes up a load of 5lbs of charcoal at max with you can directly utilize it to grill what you got for the mid-sized party.

Cool-touching spring handle to keep you safe from any heat. At the same time, the temperature stacked on the top helps to keep an eye on the increasing temperature, which you can conveniently control by opening the side door designed to keep the balance between smoke and heat.

No reason to dislike Royal Gourmet CC1830F, and it would also perform beyond expectations.

  • Bigger cooking space
  • A thermometer placed on the lid
  • Fron table made with mesh
  • Do not drain out the ashes

5. Camp Chef SmokePro DLX

We tried our best not to relist the same brand over and over when compiling up the best smoker grill combo, but sorry. Not because we had no other choice, but this combo unit did not let us skip it due to the price and the features it owns. 🙂

Bronze-coloured, this pellet-operate Camp Chef SmokePro DLX bears and offers a larger quantity of pellets stuffed into the hopper with an even seamless ash cleaning system that would never make you turn exhausted.

Electronically programmed auto-start ignition takes away all the hurdles of starting the unit. It takes not just a second to ignite the whole of it up and does repeat the same cycle every time you find the need for turning it up, making it reliable enough.

Dispenses the pellets through the automatic auger does not halt the supply of fuel when needed and would not burn the excess while conversing the few for the later use while maintaining the heat and the temperature that it requires.

Owning the total grilling space of up to 570 square inches that totals the main grilling area of 429 square inches and the secondary area for grilling to up to 141 square inches for doing just one thing; smoke and grill the delicious food for everyone!

LED temperature control panel with all the required functionalities makes you the right controller to set through temperatures to either cook or smoke the things up while keeping the tab on the stuff.

  • Larger pellet hopper
  • LED temperature
  • Dispenses pellets automatically depending on the requirement
  • Hard to assemble

6. Z Grills ZGP-700D

Do not take it for granted when you have a reasonable budget and the need to deal with it whenever your friends, relatives, and family visit you. And of course, that is going to begin in due time as the summer season is just here.

The sturdy construction of this Z Grills ZGP-700D proves to last a little longer than most smoker grill combos available on the market.

Comes with a large grilling area and the hopper with increased storage capacity to fill in the big load at once to utilize the main cooking rack with the size of 513 square inches and added with warming rack taking about 187 square inches and a hopper capacity of more than 20lb pellets can go for cooking up to 20 full-sized burgers, six racks of ribs along with five whole chickens to accommodate up to 20 to 25 persons in one go.

Let your taste buds enjoy the fully-infused wood-fire taste as it is 100 per cent burnt and fueled by the hardwood pellets to generate all the heat and smoke that would result in tasting while taking the bites when all cooked and smoked.

And the bucket holder that catches all the grease draining out of the grill through the spigot and not having to accumulate down the floor, turning everything into a fuss and cleaning a challenge.

Do not curse the weight, but praise what delicious grills and smoked foods you are presented with! 🙂

  • Best smoker grill combo for outdoor use
  • Large cooking space
  • Runs with 100 per cent wooden pellet
  • Warrantied for three years
  • Heavier like a bomb!

7. Oklahoma joe’s -charcoal/lp gas/smoker combo

Do not tell me what it does? Well, it does more than what it looks to be along with the features hard to expect.

Enjoy the enhanced cooking, grilling, smoking, braising, warming, and almost anything you can think of when you happily become an owner of this best smoker grill combo, namely Oklahoma Joe’s.

Styled well to match the old traditions, this combo makes the job super convenient for you. Able to manage the large tummies sitting around, the spacious cooking space of 1,060 square inches would never leave anyone’s plate empty for long.

Siting with up to six porcelain-coated cast-iron grates into the main chamber that takes up the primary cooking surface to up to 750 square inches to take on the more significant load to prep things up for everyone.

While the firebox chamber takes about 310 square inches of cooking space to do much of the grilling added by the smoked meats and other delicacies.

As it operates not just with charcoal but the LP gas as well by hooking and attaching the gas cylinder and having over three burners placed over the main gas grilling chamber producing the powerful heat of up to 36,000 BTUs. In contrast, one side burner emits around 12,000 BTUs to prep the sausages and more while getting the bunch of charcoal burnt to flame up the stock of charcoal stuffed into the firebox.

Control the heat and control the movability to open the damper placed on the top alongside the temperature gauge, and two larger wheels would never let you ask the extra hands to move it around the backyard.

  • Comes with a dedicated cooking space all-run by LP gas
  • Got six cast-iron grates
  • The cooking surface of more than 1,060 square inches
  • Side LP gas-operated burner
  • A bit high in price

8. PK Grills PK360

Are you fond of watching sci-fi movies? The aliens are attacking the world. And even the robots trying to take over the world. If you do, then you got to experience watching the same by looking at its design. Or more like it resembles the drone, maybe? You decide for yourself! 🙂

But… This PK Grills PK360 is the full-fledged and established smoker grill combo that keeps this kind of design for a reason; the portability at its best to easily take it outdoor with you.

They are designed for the hot and fast for grilling to well lower and slower for the best smoking experience to smoke down the meat with the even lower heat infusing to bring the taster that is never experienced and never tasted.

The capsule shape wins the ultimate attention of a whole, and the construction is done with cast aluminium to ensure the durability goes beyond what is initially expected and backed by the expected lifetime to last for ten years to ensure that is going to be one perfect smoker grill combo to travel from one generation to next.

Good 360 square inches of cooking space accommodate loading up to twelve big hamburgers to prepare in a single go without needing to adjust and dropping some due to limited space.

Comes with marine-grade stainless steel cooking grates, and the air intake cylinders ensure the temperature is always in your control for whatever you are grilling and smoking. Coupled with two shelves for the workspace to chop and prep things before stuffing the grill (or smoker.)

Recommended to be fueled by charcoal, make it your companion on tailgating and over the campsite, and surely you would start loving it more.

  • Unique copter-like design
  • Last for up to 10 years
  • Best portable smoker grill combo
  • Easy to assemble
  • Somewhat expensive

9. Ozark Grills Razorback -Best combo smoker grill

Let’s talk about the full-fledged smoker grill combo that is worth being presented in your outdoor parties contributing to filling up the tummies of the participants with best-smoked meat and grilling the chops, and other favourite barbecue stuff you are good at grilling.

Ozark Grills Razorback, despite the exciting build and design it got, comes with a spacious cooking space of 305 square inches to sufficiently prepare up to ten large burgers in one go.

The multifaceted systems take to best performance through conducting the slow smoking to make the juicy pieces of stuff ready for the guests up to grilling and roasting on the way higher temperatures.

Operated with the hardwood pellets and the charcoal, this combo fueling system tops the feature list with the versatility to grill and smoke the delicious food with the added convenience of minimizing the headache because that would not make you dependent on a single fuel source to always store the heap before inviting the folks for the party.

Loaded with the digital temperature system along with a full-blown digital control panel gives the ultimate control to easily adjust how you want the Ozark Grills Razorback to perform; either go for the full smoke to select the higher temperatures for grilling at the slow to unbearable heat; that is all done right from this digital control panel.

  • Burns with wooden pellets to stuff in the 11-pound hopper
  • Best smoker grill combo
  • All-digital control panel
  • The temperature soars to a greater extent if the lid gets opened during the cooking

10. Sunlifer Vertical

At the first look, you might be thinking it resembles a rocket ready to take off and travel into space? Of yes, that surely looks the way we put it up. 🙂

Apart from the design because it has kept it this way to ensure the durability, reliability, and the flexibility to beat down most of the competition right from its build; that is what our best smoker grill combo which we perceive the increased pride in listing this one from SUNLIFER at the number one position.

Loaded with charcoal as the fuel, this compact smoker grill combo is travel-ready to enjoy the best from camping and picnics. Utilize it either as the full-blown smoker or as the combo to grill things out, and everything is going to get correctly done for you. Smoke your favourite infused meat added with the yummy flavour of charcoal and the grill to the best and achieve the reddish look.

It comes with a total cooking area of 969 square inches featuring three chrome-plated cooking grates making the cooking and grilling as well as the cleaning easier for you. It is loaded with four hooks to hang the different types of foods to converse the space of the cooking area and extending room for more.

A thermometer placed on the top and the latching lockin system assists in keeping a tab on what’s cooking at what temperature with the added safety where every removable section is safely closed in, minimizing the chance of accidentally opening.

Fill the charcoal pan at once, and you would not need to reload it again anytime sooner, and the air vent with the ash pan provides the place to let the heat dissipate with charcoal ash disposal easily removed after the fun is done.

  • Heavy-gauged steel construction
  • Charcoal operated
  • Extra-bigger cooking space to feed the whole bunch of 15 to 20 tummies in one go
  • Do not add in the bones due to a sizing issue


Simply, that concludes our hunt of listing the 10 best smoker grill combos to uplift your summer parties to grill and smoke your favourite barbecue stuff.

Bring ham, kebabs, vegetables, burgers, and what more you could think of, and you would get them all prepared for you in no time.

No more wait! We have combined the different smoker grill combos to fit your requirements.

Wanting to take along with you on the picnic, some would not mind. But some of them are pretty good circling around the backyard serving the good pool of folks with the hungry tummies, they all would get the spicy and smoky stuff served right into their plates while the next round is being prepared.

So, enjoy the full of summer cooking and smoking the best out of these smoker grill combo units!

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